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The following is a petition expressing opposition to a television series currently in development that will feature a family from Appalachia transplanted to Beverly Hills, California.  This series, produced by CBS Entertainment, is being promoted as a "reality" version of the 60s sitcom _The Beverly Hillbillies_, and is designed to exploit negative stereotypes of Appalachians for entertainment purposes.  This petition explicitly proposes a boycott of CBS, its affiliates, and the program's sponsors should the network decide to air the program.
If you are interested in adding your name to this petition, please send an e-mail including your full name and address to me at mburchet@innova.netOnly your name and hometown will be used on the petition, which I intend to forward to CBS and its local affiliates in the Appalachian region. 
Thank you,
Michael H. Burchett
Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO
CBS Television Network
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Dear Mr. Moonves:
It has come to our attention that CBS is currently developing a "reality-based" program modeled upon the 1960s situation comedy The Beverly Hillbillies.  We understand that this program will feature a "multi-generational" family from Appalachia who will be placed in a mansion in Beverly Hills, California and followed around the clock with video cameras.  We further understand that the producers of this program believe that it will benefit Appalachians by inspiring sympathy and "respect" for the subject family among viewers.
Despite the purported good intentions of the show's producers, we believe that a program depicting the placement of a "typical" Appalachian family in a radically different environment in order to derive amusement and pathos from their efforts to adjust to that environment can only serve to exacerbate and exploit existing negative stereotypes of Appalachians for entertainment and profit. This belief is supported by advance publicity for the program that portrays Appalachians as "rubes," "hicks," and "swing-from-the-trees hillbillies."  The fact that one of "those developing" the program is a former Appalachian resident does not serve to mitigate the outrage that we feel at this blatantly discriminatory treatment of the people and culture of the Appalachian region.
Therefore we, the undersigned, hereby announce our intentions to boycott the CBS Television Network, its local affiliates, all media owned and operated by its parent company (Westwood One, Inc.) and subsidiaries, and the sponsors of the program in question, effective immediately upon the initial airing of the program:


Michael H. Burchett                    Greenville, SC

Jennifer James                             Greenville, SC

Brenda Mullins                            Jonesville, VA

Laura Mullins                              Blacksburg, VA

Travis Denardo                           Blacksburg, VA

Kristi Tomlinson                          Pennington Gap, VA

Sheena Wade                             Jonesville, VA

Gene R. Wynne, Jr.                     Pickens, SC

Patricia Williams                          Laurens, SC

Sophia Robinson                         Pennington Gap, VA

Brian Webster                             Blacksburg, VA

Wayne Hogan                             Blacksburg, VA

Arielle Sprinkle                            Pennington Gap, VA

Dwight H. Campbell                    Rose Hill, VA

Michelle Kinser                           Pennington Gap, VA

Adam Kinser                              Pennington Gap, VA

Jean Burchett                              Jonesville, VA

Theresa E. Burchett                    Silver Spring, MD

Sharyn McCrumb                       Shawsville, VA

Jill K. Lawson                             Richmond, VA

C. Shane Lawson                        Richmond, VA

Richard Scott                              Jonesville, VA

Will Kulick                                  Madison Co., VA

Krista D'Albenzio                        Blacksburg, VA

Jason Lotts                                  Buchanan, VA

Patrick Burchett                          Tazewell, TN

Debroah Burchett                        Tazewell, TN



Lillian Hanson                             San Diego, CA

David A. Lawson                        Glens Falls, NY

Lisa  Adkins Fox                        Middlesboro,KY

Jeremy Parris                              Bethesda, MD

Charlotte Nolte                           Cincinnati, OH
Jim Nolte                                    Cincinnati, OH
Zachary Nolte                             Cincinnati, OH       
Jessie Nolte                                Cincinnati, OH

Janie Sturgill Rapp                       Dayton, OH

Michael P. Conner                      Danville, VT

Stacy D. Bennett                         Corbin, KY 

Teresa Green Sprinkle                 Pennington Gap. VA

Gloria Hilton                                Elliston, VA 

Frances L. Grig                            Jefferson, NC

Susan Fales                                 Newport Beach, CA




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